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Annamaria is a new brand to our stable for Winter 16, and what a lovely style it is.

Annamaria reflects the latest style from Europe, for women who appreciate the finer things in life. Women that want a classic European look with an edgy twist. She loves to look stylish at work and play.

These beautifully hand crafted Annamaria boots have been designed and made in Italy. No two pairs are the same as leather is natural material.

Be sure to consider this range on our site, and peruse to see if we have a style that is just right for you. Annamaria long boots, short boots and shoes will compliment any outfit, and we have customers raving about them to us.

Visit our site and scroll through our Instagram page or Facebook wall and see how others are mix and matching them with their outfits,

Until next time,

Team PlanetshoesAus