Hello Planet friends!

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Hello friends,

Our whole world is consumed with providing you a better product, that is comfortable to wear, easy to care for, and an all round partner in the reliable and dependable footwear.

With all of our shoes, we use soft, quality leather for our uppers and have moulded foot beds with arch support and padding to cradle beneath. You’ll also find our footwear is designed with plenty of room for your toes to wriggle.

Fit is also very important. We use laces, zips, discreet elastic inserts and velcro making them easy to get on and off. Many designs have adjustable fastenings, which are ideal if your feet are inclined to swell. Look out for other features like durable, flexible soles, extra padding under the heel to absorb impact, padded heel collars, linings that wick away moisture and much more.

Planet Shoes are ideal if your job requires you to be on your feet all day, if you’re planning a walking holiday or you just want everyday comfort that’s out of this world.

Why not check out our Winter discounts for the End of the Financial Year? Click through to our sale page on the website for more exciting and brilliant offers while stocks last!

Also be sure to check back here to visit for guest Blogs from our friends that like to talk about our shoes, how to mix and match with their outfits, and photos and titbits that they would like to share with us....

Sharing again soon,

Team PlanetshoesAus