How to host a Royal Wedding Party like a Queen!

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The Royal Wedding is upon us, and we think our invite might have been lost in the mail….

Oh well, who can be bothered travelling the 24 hours to get to Windsor Castle anyway?!

In lieu of actually being there, the next best thing of course is a Royal Wedding Viewing Party!!

We’ve compiled a list of ideas we think will help you turn your living room into a Royal viewing box, no plane flights or bank breaking outfits needed! Pyjamas and champagne here we come!

1.       The Coverage

The first tip for hosting a viewing party is to know when and where the wedding coverage will occur! Guests will start to file into the Chapel at 6pm (9am UK time) with the actual ceremony starting at 9pm (Midday UK time)

Channel 7 will have Royal wedding coverage from 7:30pm with BBC Broadcaster Angela Rippon and Royal experts Tim Ewart and Victoria Arbiter.

ABC will have coverage from 7:30pm with Annabel Crabb and Jeremy Fernandez.

Channel 9 will have coverage from 7pm with Georgie Gardner and Karl Stefanovic. 

And for Foxtel viewers, there will be BBC coverage from UK.TV, E! and the comedy channel!

With so many options to choose from you’re spoilt for choice! Watch one or watch them all!

2.       Royal Wedding Bingo

Now that you have your coverage set up – what better way to pass the time until the actual ceremony than by playing a cheeky game of Royal Wedding Bingo! There are so many pre made options out there online, or if you’re feeling creative, make your own!

Here are some of our favourite bingo ideas:

·         Commentators mention Prince Harry is settling down from his party years

·         You see a ridiculous hat

·         Someone mentions Pippa Middleton’s dress from the 2011 wedding

·         Prince Phillip looks bored/falls asleep

·         Sir Elton John wears sunglasses

The options are endless so put on your thinking crown and get creative!

If Bingo is too much effort for you – another suggestion is to rate the fashion ….or take bets on what the wedding dress will look like!

3.       Royal decorations

Of course, a viewing party is not complete without bunting (in the classic English tradition) or royal face masks of the bride and groom to be! Both are available at newsagents or to print out online!


4.       British/American Menu

The nibbles are perhaps the most exciting part of any party, and we suggest sticking to the traditional British classics to feel like you’re right on brand! Our suggestions are jam and scones, cucumber sandwiches and cupcakes! Or if you really want to recreate the royal wedding experience, bake an elderflower and lemon cake – the official flavour of the Royal’s actual wedding cake!

For a more contemporary twist, and to honour the bride to be, we also suggest some American options such as mini hotdogs, sliders and pumpkin or pecan pie for a menu that’s as Yank as the 4th of July!


5.                         Drinks

Lastly, what wedding celebration is complete without celebratory drinks! Make sure all your guests have champagne to toast the newlyweds, as well as gin & tonics and pimms – the quintessential English options!

Of course, a pot of steaming tea should be on hand at all times, preferably twinnings, a Royal favourite!

So once you have your t.v. set, your bingo ready, a sandwich in one hand and champagne in the other; and you're wearing a face mask surrounded by bunting – you will officially be Royal Wedding ready!

Let the celebrations begin!



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