Planet Shoes Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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It’s always stressful trying to think of gifts under pressure, especially when you’re the one receiving them!

Whether you’re buying a gift for your mum, a special woman in your life or trying to think of ideas for what your kids (vis a vie the hubby) can get you – Planet Shoes are here to help!

We’ve compiled a little list of our absolute faves here at Planet Shoes HQ and we hope you might add them to your list too!

  1. Dusty Slippers

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of slippers?! Our extra warm, extra soft and extra comfy slippers have an edge on most – with a hidden arch support! That’s right, it’s not just our shoes and boots that support you – our slippers are also packed with a superior sole, to keep your feet pain free and snug all day (and night) long! Shop here.

  1. Keera Sneakers

Who wants a pair of boring old white or black sneakers with laces, when you can have pink, purple or baby blue with a quirky elastic lace detailing! Be the belle of the Dog Park, supermarket or footy ground with our super cute Keera sneakers! Not only do they look unique, but the comfort factor is unique too! Reinforced with a supportive moulded arch as well as a flexible and lightweight sole, these sneakers will make cement feel like clouds! Shop here.

  1. Martha Stewart Cookbook

Any excuse to bake and we’re on board! The queen of the kitchen herself, Martha Stewart, has released a baking book using healthier ingredients for more of a guilt free indulgence! Think natural sweeteners, think whole grain flours, think of the all the extra brownies you can eat! Buy this for yourself or a woman you love and reap all the goodies – baked that is! Shop here.

  1. Witchery Pink Watch

Watches are everyone’s favourite wrist accessory – but who says practical can’t be cute? Get practical in pink with Witchery’s gorgeous watch with pink soft hide leather straps. The white round face features rose gold lines for a minimal finish. Hardware is made from stainless steel and is rose gold plated. Shop here.

  1. Glasshouse Candle

The candle store to end all candle stores. The luxurious candle company, Glasshouse produces high quality, divine smelling candles. Our favourite however, is the Casablanca Candle, in velvet musk and bergamot – 350g of fruity goodness. Shop here.

  1. Flowers

Because lastly, sometimes going simple says it all. Whether store bought or from your garden, the gift of nature is never a gift wasted!


Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Planet Shoes