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The most comfortable women's shoes with good arch support

The most comfortable women's shoes with good arch support

If you're looking for women's shoes with arch support, you've come to the right place! At Planet Shoes we have a wide range of walking or work shoes with arch support, including slippers, heels, sandals and much more. Discover the best styles and models to fit your needs. 

Best Arch Support Shoes:

At Planet Shoes we design all our models following our 5 essential values: comfort, style, breathability, quality and fit. A lot of women choose to wear shoes with arch support, to ease the foot aches and pains of everyday life. We show you some of our womens shoes and sandals with arch support that will give you the comfort you need:

Best Arch Support Sandals in Australia

  • ONIDA - COCOA: A sandal suited for both the city and beach. Its charming leather straps and cork midsole will provide endless style and support. Featuring a premium nubuck upper, elasticated laces for a custom fit, cushioned arch support and a slip-resistant sole.
  • SKYLAR - NAVY: With a slightly sportier style, SKYLAR will be your new favourite sandal, offering great support and a personalised fit. Wrapped in a silky-soft stretch fabric and topped with premium suede, its arch-supporting memory foam cushioned footbed will give you the comfort you need for your most active days.
  • ENGAGE - GREY: If you're looking for something with extra grip, ENGAGE will be perfect for you. This fisherman-style sandal has a closed back and toe for protection and support, while adding a nautical touch to any outfit. A great travel shoe that fits most occasions, with a removable cushioned footbed with arch support, will be the perfect ally on your next holiday.

Heels with arch support

  • VANA - HAT: The perfect shoes for when you need that boost and comfort to get you through your busy day. The cushioned, moulded leather insole will give you the softness you need and the buckle fastening at the back provides the support to give you confidence with every step.
  • ALEKS - BLACK: This pair of black heels will be a must in your wardrobe. They are the perfect go-to for a night out or to add a chic touch to your outfit. Dress in a classic and stay comfortable all day long.

Arch support ballet flats

  • FARA-P - CRANBERRY: On-trend with its deconstructed aesthetic, the FARA is made with premium nubuck leather, stretch material for a custom fit and a removable cushioned footbed for arch support comfort.
  • FABLE - BLUEBERRY: A simple everyday flat shoe, simply perfect, with exceptional flexibility for a perfect fit and a Powerpath sockliner to give you comfort step by step.

Other Cute shoes with arch support in Australia: 

  • SANTRY - BLACK: The perfect boots with arch support to complete an elegant, sober look.  The round toe and metal hardware give these leather ankle boots an air of modern sophistication along with the comfort you need.
  • BRYNLEY - BLACK: A great pair of slippers with arch support. You'll feel surrounded by pure comfort as the premium leather straps keep your foot perfectly in place and the Powerpath sockliner design brings a sense of energy to your day.

What shoes help with arch pain?

Arch foot pain can be the result of either one or a combination of conditions occurring in the plantar region of the foot. People who suffer arch pain often complain about a feeling of tightness, pressure and tension in the middle of their foot's arch. This type of pain can occur suddenly, for example, if you walk too much one day or play sports, or progressively if you wear the wrong shoes for a prolonged period of time. Arch pain can be present every day on a consistent basis, getting in the way of your everyday activities. It is generally worse in bare feet or flat, flimsy shoes.

So, if you're wondering, is it better to wear shoes with arch support? The answer is definitely yes! Arch support, to begin with, spreads the weight evenly across the feet. As pressure is evenly distributed across your feet, the alignment of your entire body improves. And as a consequence, you may find that other conditions you thought were unrelated, such as back pain, improve. 

When your arches are fully supported, you avoid collapsing, preventing conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Arch support shoes are also the best shoes for flat feet.

Arch support also has an additional benefit. It reduces shoe damage, which means you will replace your shoes less frequently. 

Why Planet Shoes?

Planet Shoes is an Australian company offering top quality shoes to both women and men. With 5 different shoe brands: Planet Shoes, Earth, Adesso, Kaysi and Kildare, you can find them both online and in shops. From sandals and slippers to boots, athleisure, wedge heels and ballet flats, these beautiful shoe designs are accompanied by the best comfort so that you don't have to sacrifice your health. 

Their footwear range includes shoes for walking, work shoes, shoes with arch support, wide-fitting shoes and shoes with removable insoles. Planet Shoes products are also manufactured in a conscious way, using sustainably sourced materials as much as possible to limit their impact on the environment. 

Looking for a good pair of shoes or sandals with good arch support? At Planet Shoes you'll find several options for women's shoes that will give you the extra comfort you need.

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