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The most comfortable work shoes for women in Australia in 2022

The most comfortable work shoes for women in Australia in 2022

Choosing the right shoes for work can sometimes be difficult. We spend so many hours at work, therefore we must be picky when it comes to choosing the best work shoes that will stay with us all day long.

When it comes to choosing the perfect shoes for work, we mainly look for shoes that are comfortable and safe enough to carry out our daily tasks without any problems. We must pay attention to the cushioned feeling to withstand hours of standing, the anti-slip soles to protect us from accidents and of course, they shouldn’t be too heavy to make you feel lighter and dynamic. In short, they must adapt to all our needs. That's why at Planet Shoes we help you find the best work shoe for you!

The most comfy women's work shoes in Australia:

The most comfortable work shoes for women

If you're wondering: What is the most comfortable shoe to wear at work? Then the answer is the one that best suits you and your routine. No matter if you need non-slip work shoes or if you are looking for ladies work shoes for standing all day, you are sure to find the right shoe for you at Planet Shoes.

Our women's work shoes section offers a wide range of shoes to suit every type of woman. Heels, boots, sandals and stylish women's shoes that will make you feel like a diva at work, without giving up the most important thing: comfort.

You'll find work shoes for every occasion and season. Whether you are looking for low or high heels that are elegant for the office, or flat work shoes for active and intense days, you will find a wide range of options. We have female work shoes with arch support, slip resistant work shoes to give you the ultimate in safety and work shoes that breathe to keep you cool. 

What shoes are recommended for those who stand all day at work?

When choosing a comfortable work shoe for standing all day, you need to take into account:

  • The footbed: try to find one that is cushioned and has arch-support. All the better if it has memory foam on top of that! Hard surfaces can cause foot pain and problems.
  • The posture: it’s crucial to choose footwear that allows you to maintain good posture. If you're going to stand all day, it's probably best to avoid high heels. High heels place the foot in an unnatural position, damaging both the feet and posture. Long periods of walking or standing in high heels can cause unnecessary tension on the back and neck, and lead to permanent postural changes.
  • Non-slip grip to feel secure and efficient.
  • And most importantly: a perfect fit. Finding a shoe that fits well is not always easy, so make sure that the shoe size is correct, that you don't feel pressure on your toes or instep, and that you hardly feel them at all.

Our pick of the top three black women's work shoes:

Top three black women's work shoes

Because black is a sober colour that never goes out of fashion, whether you're looking for your first work shoes or want to add a pair to your working shoe collection, black is a colour that you cannot miss. And Black shoes obviously have the best plus: they go with everything!

  • KEPLER2 W - BLACK: A shoe for the non-stop working woman! Flexes, breathes easy and provides uninterrupted support, all with a sleek and stylish look. This must be one of the most comfortable womens work shoes. The exclusive memory foam footbed cushions the foot from heel to toe making it a comfortable work shoe for standing all day.
  • BOWER - BLACK: If you're looking for something a little smarter, a leather work shoe is probably just what you need. With their modern style and trainer feel you can't go wrong with these shoes. They have a premium soft leather upper, the Stay Put closure system for a secure fit and a cushioned sole for maximum comfort. It can be a great option if you are looking for work shoes for hospitality or work shoes for nurses.
  • BALLET - BLACK: The perfect work shoe with a touch of style you'll fall in love with. With a zip fastening that makes putting them on and taking them off a dream and a flexible sole, these are probably the most comfortable womens work shoes. With a more spring-like style and removable cushioned insole, you probably won't even notice you're wearing them!

Female Working Shoes Australia:

For a wider range, be sure to visit the working shoes section of our website, where we have hundreds of different models. In there you will also find women's working shoes on offer and all our various brands of work shoes.

You can also contact your trusted podiatrist if you have any further questions about which working shoes are best suited for you. He or she will definitely be able to advise you on which footwear is appropriate for your needs.

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